Founder / CEO

Dan Dumas is the CEO of Red Buffalo ventures in Louisville Kentucky. Along with other high capacity organizations, he served as Czar for the Foster Care and Adoption System for the state of Kentucky, working closely with Governor Bevin to reform a very complex adoptive and foster care system.

Dan is passionate about all things leadership, specially when it’s messy, complex, and hard to navigate. He provides a variety of coaching and consulting services for the 1% leaders (Red Buffalos) in government agencies, businesses, churches, and nonprofits.

In addition to adoption/foster care and leadership, Dan is passionate about all things leadership, organizational architecture, modern leadership theory, expository preaching, church planting, biblical manhood, idea generation and transformational leadership for high capacity organizations.

He is the author of Live Smart, and the co-author of A Guide to Biblical Manhood and the editor of A Guide to Expository Ministry.  He also blogs regularly at

Prior to his time at Red Buffalo, Dan served as a US Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer and in a variety of marketplace jobs for a total of ten years. From there he spent ten years as an executive pastor at Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. Most recently he served for ten years as the Senior Vice President of Institutional Administration at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Dan is married to Jane (27years) and has two adopted children: Aidan (16) and Elijah (10). He resides in Louisville, Kentucky and loves all things sports (especially water sports) and is an avid outdoorsman who loves hunting and fly fishing.